Semite - Heritage Spiral Notebook


Product Features

Heritage Spiral Notebook - Semite
• Covers with soft-touch coating
• Cover weight: 10.38 oz/yd² (352 g/m²)
• Page weight: 2.62 oz/yd² (89 g/m²)
• Metal wire-o binding
• 140 dotted pages
• US fulfilled notebooks measure 5.5″ × 8.5″ (13 × 21 cm)
• EU fulfilled notebooks measure 5.7″ × 8.5″ (14.5 × 21 cm)
• Blank product sourced from the US and Sweden

About this Design

Organize your thoughts, ideas, and dreams within the pages of the "Semite - 1770 Heritage Spiral Notebook," a beautifully crafted notebook that pays homage to the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of Semitic peoples. Inspired by the significant year 1770, when historian August Ludwig von Schlözer first used the term "Semite" to describe the interconnected families of Semitic languages and cultures, this custom wire-bound notebook is an ideal companion for anyone who values the depth of their heritage and the power of written expression.
This notebook is designed to inspire and motivate, featuring a cover that celebrates the scholarly recognition and cultural pride of Semitic communities. Whether you're jotting down notes, penning your latest ideas, or recording your future dreams, the "Semite - 1770 Heritage Spiral Notebook" provides the perfect canvas for all your thoughts. Its wire-bound construction allows for easy flipping and laying flat, making it convenient for writing, sketching, or planning.
The durable cover is adorned with a fade-resistant print that captures the essence of Semitic heritage, making it not just a functional item but also a meaningful one. It's an excellent tool for students, writers, researchers, and anyone who appreciates the significance of carrying a piece of history with them in their daily lives.
Use this spiral notebook to keep your thoughts organized and your heritage close at hand. It serves as a daily reminder of the scholarly journey that has illuminated the connections between diverse Semitic cultures and languages, encouraging you to explore and celebrate these ties in your personal and academic pursuits.
The "Semite - 1770 Heritage Spiral Notebook" is more than just stationery; it's a testament to the enduring legacy of Semitic peoples, inviting you to write your own chapter in the ongoing story of our shared human experience.