Semite - Heritage Enamel Mug


Product Features

Heritage Enamel Mug - Semite
• Material: Enamel
• Dimensions: height 3.14″ (8 cm), diameter 3.25″(8.25 cm)
• White coating with a silver rim
• Hand-wash only

Attention! Don't heat liquids or food directly in the mug—it can damage the coating.

Disclaimer: The Enamel Mug is susceptible to staining when used with certain beverages, including coffee, tea, and natural juices. That’s a normal characteristic of enamel products and not specific to our mug alone. Due to the enamel’s rough and porous surface texture, particles from these drinks may easily adhere to the mug, resulting in stains over time. Stains can be effectively removed by applying lemon juice or soda to the affected area and gently scrubbing with a hard sponge.

About this Design

Embark on your outdoor adventures or enjoy your cozy home moments with the "Semite - 1770 Heritage Enamel Mug," a durable and uniquely designed mug that celebrates the profound roots of Semitic heritage. Inspired by the historic year 1770, when August Ludwig von Schlözer first coined the term "Semite" to identify the linguistic and cultural bonds among Semitic peoples, this enamel mug is a testament to the enduring legacy and scholarly recognition of these interconnected communities.
Perfect for the happy camper, the avid hiker, or anyone who appreciates a touch of history with their morning coffee or evening tea, this lightweight, durable mug is as functional as it is symbolic. Its multifunctional design allows you to use it for your favorite beverages or even a hearty meal by the campfire, making it an essential accessory for your outdoor gear or home kitchen.
The enamel construction ensures longevity and resilience, able to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures or the warmth of indoor gatherings. Featuring a beautiful and fade-resistant print that encapsulates the essence of Semitic heritage, this mug not only serves as a practical piece but also as a conversation starter, inviting discussions about cultural identity, history, and the significance of understanding our shared human story.
Easily attachable to your bag for quick access during hikes or conveniently placed in your home for daily use, the "Semite - 1770 Heritage Enamel Mug" is more than just a mug; it's a celebration of cultural pride, scholarly curiosity, and the connections that bind us across time and space.
Whether you're gifting it to a friend who loves the outdoors or incorporating it into your own collection, this enamel mug is a beautiful way to honor and share the rich tapestry of Semitic cultures, making every sip a reminder of our collective heritage and the stories that continue to inspire us.