Unite Jewish Communities with WearBU Custom Merch

It's time to kibitz, unite, and look oh-so-stylish! Share your community's spirit on 50+ quality products, celebrating Jewish peoplehood and earning gelt with WearBU's custom merch.

Add a touch of chutzpah to your group's collection today!

What is Custom Merchandise-on-Demand?

Custom merchandise-on-demand is a hassle-free way to create and sell high-quality products with your community's unique designs. WearBU handles production, printing, and shipping, allowing you to focus on empowering your Jewish community and earning commissions from sales.

What Makes WearBU Different

Focus on Jewish Communities

Focus on Jewish Communities

WearBU specializes in catering to the unique needs and values of Jewish communities, ensuring meaningful and impactful custom merchandise.

Free to Use

Free to Use

With no monthly or upfront fees, you only pay for fulfillment and shipping when an order is placed, making it cost-effective and risk-free.

Best Shipping Rates

Best Shipping Rates

Offer the best shipping options to your customers—we partner with leading global carriers to bring you affordable and reliable delivery.

Selling Locally and Globally

Selling Locally and Globally

Reach customers in your country and around the world with faster shipping from WearBU fulfillment centers located worldwide.

No Minimums

No Minimums

Experience the freedom to experiment with your brand and products with no order minimums, expensive equipment, or unsold inventory.

High-Quality Products & Prints

High-Quality Products & Prints

Our Production Team guarantees perfection in every item by partnering with top-notch printers and adhering to strict quality standards.

Easy Design Submission

Easy Design Submission

Send us your logo or design, or have our skilled designers create one free of charge. We'll incorporate your design seamlessly across all products.

Earnings & Impact

Earnings & Impact

Boost connection and pride with WearBU's custom merchandise, earning commissions on sales to support your community's growth and vision.

Popular WearBU Products for Jewish Communities

Discover our top-selling custom products that Jewish communities adore. From stylish t-shirts and hoodies to functional tote bags and accessories, WearBU offers a wide range of merchandise for you to sell under your community's logo. Create a lasting impact and showcase your community's unique identity with our selection of popular custom products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a custom design for my community?

Submit your community's logo or design, or let our skilled design team create one for you free of charge. We'll handle the rest, ensuring your design is seamlessly integrated across all products on our site.

What types of products can I create for my community?

WearBU offers a wide variety of customizable products, including apparel, hats, accessories, and embroidered items, to suit your community's needs and preferences.

How are commissions calculated for my community?

Commissions are based on a percentage of the revenue generated from your community's merchandise sales. The more products you sell, the more commission you earn to support your community's activities and growth.

How can I track the performance of my community's merchandise?

Monitor sales and commissions through the Community Dashboard, which provides insights and analytics to help you optimize your custom merchandise strategy and maximize your community's impact.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, ensuring your community's custom merchandise reaches your audience no matter where they are located.

How long does fulfillment take?

Fulfillment typically takes 2-5 business days for production, followed by the shipping time based on the chosen shipping method.

Connect with Our Custom Merchandise Experts

For questions or more information on our custom merchandise for Jewish communities, reach out to us using the contact form below. Our dedicated team is ready to help you create meaningful and unique products that unite your community.