Passover Night - Enamel Mug


Product Features

Enamel Mug - Passover Night
• Material: Enamel
• Dimensions: height 3.14″ (8 cm), diameter 3.25″(8.25 cm)
• White coating with a silver rim
• Hand-wash only

Attention! Don't heat liquids or food directly in the mug—it can damage the coating.

Disclaimer: The Enamel Mug is susceptible to staining when used with certain beverages, including coffee, tea, and natural juices. That’s a normal characteristic of enamel products and not specific to our mug alone. Due to the enamel’s rough and porous surface texture, particles from these drinks may easily adhere to the mug, resulting in stains over time. Stains can be effectively removed by applying lemon juice or soda to the affected area and gently scrubbing with a hard sponge.

About this Design

For the outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for tradition, the "Passover Night - 'Why Is This Night Different' Enamel Mug" is an indispensable companion on every adventure. This lightweight, durable, and multifunctional enamel mug carries the essence of the Passover Seder, featuring the iconic question, "why is this night different from all other nights" in English and "מה נשתנה הלילה הזה מכל הלילות" in Hebrew. It’s the perfect mug for savoring your favorite beverage or enjoying a hot meal by the campfire, blending the spirit of inquiry and freedom that Passover celebrates with the joy of exploration.
Crafted for the rugged outdoors, this mug is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring your drinks stay warm under the stars or cool in the warmth of the day. The easy-to-attach handle makes it a breeze to clip onto your backpack, ensuring you’re never without a sip of inspiration or a bite of sustenance, whether you're scaling mountains or setting up camp.
The "Passover Night - 'Why Is This Night Different' Enamel Mug" is more than a camping accessory; it's a reminder of the journey from slavery to freedom, the importance of asking meaningful questions, and the beauty of carrying your heritage with you, even into the wilderness. It invites reflection on the values and traditions of Passover, making every outdoor meal an opportunity to connect with nature and history alike.
Ideal for the adventurous soul who treasures their Jewish identity, this enamel mug is a thoughtful gift for loved ones who enjoy blending their love for the outdoors with their cultural pride. Whether it's a gift for Passover, a birthday, or just because, this mug is sure to become a cherished item for any camper, hiker, or traveler.
Embark on your next adventure with the "Passover Night - 'Why Is This Night Different' Enamel Mug" and let the timeless wisdom of Passover accompany you in every sip and bite. Celebrate the freedom to explore the world while holding close the traditions that define you.