Menachem Begin's Peace - Organic Drawstring Bag



Product Features

Organic Drawstring Bag - Menachem Begin's Peace
• 100% organic cotton
• Product dimensions: 15 1⁄4″ × 18″ (39 cm × 46 cm)
• Strong and durable drawstrings

About this Design

Introducing "Menachem Begin's Peace - Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag", the eco-friendly accessory that carries more than just your essentials. Made of 100% organic cotton, this drawstring bag is a tribute to a profound message of peace and the rich Jewish heritage.
Decorated with Menachem Begin's profound quote, "Every war is avoidable. What is absolutely inevitable is peace. Peace must come," in both English and Hebrew "המלחמה היא נמנעת, השלום הוא בלתי נמנע", it stands as a beacon of unity and hope. The term "Mensch", a Yiddish word symbolizing integrity and honor, is beautifully intertwined in the design, making this bag an emblem of respect and decency.
Whether for gym, school, or groceries, this bag's durability and versatility are unmatched. Its adjustable drawstrings ensure the security of your items wherever you go.
Celebrate your Jewish roots and advocate for peace with the Menachem Begin's Peace Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag.