Keep Calm & Eat Hamentashen - Purim Stainless Steel Tumbler


Product Features

Purim Stainless Steel Tumbler - Keep Calm & Eat Hamentashen
• High-grade stainless steel tumbler
• 20 oz (600 ml)
• Tumbler size: 3.11″ × 8.42″ (7.9 cm × 21.4 cm)
• Straw and lid included with the tumbler
• A cylindrical shape (top to bottom)

Disclaimer: Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand-wash only.

About this Design

Embrace the Purim spirit on the go with the "Keep Calm & Eat Hamentashen - Purim Festivities Stainless Steel Tumbler." This stylish and durable tumbler is designed for those who celebrate Purim's joyous traditions and appreciate the convenience of enjoying their favorite beverages, hot or cold, wherever their day takes them. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this reusable tumbler, complete with a metal straw, is an eco-friendly choice for anyone looking to reduce their plastic use while commemorating one of the most vibrant Jewish holidays.
Whether you're sipping hot coffee on a chilly morning or enjoying a cold drink after a Purim spiel, this tumbler is engineered to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature for hours. The vivid design featuring the playful "Keep Calm & Eat Hamentashen" slogan captures the essence of Purim — a time for feasting, celebrating victory, and enjoying the sweetness of life symbolized by the triangular pastries known as hamentashen.
Not just a practical accessory, this stainless steel tumbler is a portable reminder of Purim's story of triumph and the importance of community, joy, and resilience. It's perfect for busy individuals who want to carry a piece of the holiday's spirit with them, whether they're at work, in the gym, or out and about.
The "Keep Calm & Eat Hamentashen - Purim Festivities Stainless Steel Tumbler" is an ideal gift for friends and family who love to celebrate Purim or a wonderful treat for yourself. Let this tumbler be your daily companion, encouraging you to stay hydrated, eco-conscious, and in a festive mood long after the Purim festivities have concluded.
Celebrate Purim in style and sustainability with this unique stainless steel tumbler, and let every sip bring you a little closer to the joy and heritage of this beloved holiday.