I Have Found The One My Soul Loves - Hebrew Quote Notebook


Product Features

Hebrew Quote Notebook - I Have Found The One My Soul Loves
• Covers with soft-touch coating
• Metal wire-o binding
• 140 dotted pages
• Size: 5.25″ × 8.25″ (13 × 21 cm)

About this Design

"Scarcely had I passed them when I found the one my heart loves. I held him and would not let him go till I had brought him to my mother's house, to the room of the one who conceived me." ~Song Of Solomon 3:4
Hebrew - "כִּמְעַט שֶׁעָבַרְתִּי מֵהֶם עַד שֶׁמָּצָאתִי אֵת שֶׁאָהֲבָה נַפְשִׁי אֲחַזְתִּיו וְלֹא אַרְפֶּנּוּ עַד-שֶׁהֲבֵיאתִיו אֶל-בֵּית אִמִּי וְאֶל-חֶדֶר הוֹרָתִי"

Let the timeless wisdom of the Song of Solomon inspire you daily with this beautifully designed spiral notebook, featuring the captivating Hebrew quote, "I Have Found The One My Soul Loves." This custom wire-bound notebook is the perfect companion for jotting down notes, ideas, or future dreams, encouraging you to express your thoughts and ignite your creativity. With its high-quality paper and durable cover, this notebook will be your go-to for capturing inspiration, planning adventures, or simply keeping track of everyday tasks.