Birkat HaBayit - Blessing for the Home Poster with Hangers


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Product Features

Blessing for the Home Poster with Hangers - Birkat HaBayit
• Hangers made from natural wood
• Hanger piece thickness: 0.2″ (0.5 mm)
• Hanger piece width: 0.79″ (2 cm)
• Paper weight: 192 g/m²
• Poster secured by magnets
• Comes with a matching string

About this Design

Elevate the ambiance of your home or office with the "Birkat HaBayit - Blessing for the Home Poster with Hangers," a masterpiece that blends artistic creativity with a profound cultural and spiritual essence. This matte poster, adorned with the revered Birkat HaBayit prayer, brings not just aesthetic appeal to your space but also a deep sense of peace, protection, and well-being. It's an original artwork piece that seamlessly integrates into any interior decor, offering a modern twist on a timeless blessing.
Featuring the Birkat HaBayit prayer in both elegant Hebrew script and its English translation, this poster is a visual and spiritual reminder of the prayer’s powerful wishes for the home:
"Let no sadness come through this gate. Let no trouble come to this dwelling. Let no fear come through this door. Let no conflict be in this place. Let this home be filled with blessing and peace."
Accompanied by additional verses from Exodus, Proverbs, and Numbers, the poster encapsulates a multifaceted wish for wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and the sheer joy of a harmonious dwelling. Its lightweight wooden hanger ensures easy installation, making it perfect as a focal point in your living room, hallway, or as a thoughtful layer to a richly storied gallery wall.
The "Birkat HaBayit - Blessing for the Home Poster with Hangers" is more than just decor; it's a meaningful emblem of Jewish tradition and a daily benediction for your living space. It serves as a continual source of inspiration and a beacon of hope, driving away negativity while inviting an abundance of blessings and peace into your home.
Ideal as a housewarming gift or a personal addition to your collection, this poster with hangers is a testament to the beauty and resilience of Jewish heritage. Let it stand in your home as a protective charm and a beautiful work of art, reminding all who pass by of the sanctity and peace that dwells within.
Transform your space with this exquisite piece of art that not only decorates but also blesses. The "Birkat HaBayit - Blessing for the Home Poster with Hangers" is a celebration of faith, culture, and the endless pursuit of peace, making every home a more sacred place to dwell.