Wailing Wall - Spiral Notebook


Product Features

Spiral Notebook - Wailing Wall
• Covers with soft-touch coating
• Cover weight: 10.38 oz/yd² (352 g/m²)
• Page weight: 2.62 oz/yd² (89 g/m²)
• Metal wire-o binding
• 140 dotted pages
• US fulfilled notebooks measure 5.5″ × 8.5″ (13 × 21 cm)
• EU fulfilled notebooks measure 5.7″ × 8.5″ (14.5 × 21 cm)
• Blank product sourced from the US and Sweden

About this Design

Capture your thoughts, dreams, and inspirations with the "Wailing Wall - Divine Connection Spiral Notebook," a beautifully crafted notebook designed for those who cherish the blend of history, spirituality, and creativity. Inspired by the sacred Ha-Kotel Ha-Ma'aravi (הכותל המערבי), the Wailing Wall, this custom wire-bound notebook serves as a daily companion for jotting down everything from fleeting thoughts to profound ideas and future dreams.
This notebook is not just a place for writing; it's a source of motivation, drawing from the deep well of faith and resilience that the Wailing Wall symbolizes. Its durable cover features a vivid, fade-resistant image of this iconic site, inviting users to reflect on their personal and spiritual journeys every time they open it.
The spiral binding allows for easy flipping and laying flat, making it perfect for writers, students, artists, and anyone in between who values the act of putting pen to paper. Whether you're documenting your daily experiences, sketching, or planning your next big adventure, this notebook is an ideal space to preserve your thoughts.
The "Wailing Wall - Divine Connection Spiral Notebook" is more than an organizational tool; it's an artifact of inspiration, encouraging you to explore your connection to tradition, spirituality, and personal growth. Let this notebook be a reminder of the strength, perseverance, and divine connection that the Wailing Wall represents, making every written word a reflection of your inner landscape and outer aspirations.
Embrace this unique spiral notebook as your go-to for capturing the essence of your thoughts and dreams, inspired by one of the most spiritually significant places in the world. It's a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the beauty of writing and the depth of heritage that the Wailing Wall embodies.