Memento Mori Reflection - Life's Reminder Bandana


Size Guide

Product Features

Life's Reminder Bandana - Memento Mori Reflection
• 100% microfiber polyester
• Breathable fabric
• Lightweight and soft to the touch
• Double-folded edges
• Single-sided print
• Multifunctional

Important sizing information: the smallest bandana size is made for small pets and won’t fit a grown-up. Please choose the medium or large size if you’re ordering for a grown-up.

About this Design

Embrace the profound wisdom of the ancients with our "Memento Mori" all-over print bandana, a versatile accessory that serves as a tactile reminder of life's fleeting nature. Drawing from the deep philosophical wellspring of Seneca, this piece prompts us to contemplate our mortality, encouraging mindfulness and the seizing of every precious moment. With the incorporation of the Hebrew word זכור (remember), this bandana establishes a unique connection to the essence of Jewish peoplehood - the importance of recalling our roots, the lessons of our past, and the values that guide us. Whether you choose to wear it as a headband, necktie, or armband, its resonant message remains ever-present. Ideal for members of the Jewish community seeking a deeper level of introspection, it echoes with the enduring wisdom of Jewish teachings, making it an inspiring Jewish gift. After all, life is fleeting, but today is a gift - cherish it with this Memento Mori bandana.