Gog and Magog - Faithful Wall Art


Size Guide

Product Features

Faithful Wall Art - Gog and Magog
• Hangers made from natural wood
• Hanger piece thickness: 0.2″ (0.5 mm)
• Hanger piece width: 0.79″ (2 cm)
• Poster secured by magnets
• Comes with a matching string

About this Design

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Jewish history with this mesmerizing Gog and Magog Poster with Hangers. Inspired by the Book of Ezekiel, this captivating design serves as a testament to the enduring strength and unity of the Jewish community, as well as the divine promise of restoration and lasting peace. Add a touch of spiritual elegance to your home with this matte poster, featuring lightweight wooden hangers for easy integration into your interior decor. Use this striking piece as a standalone statement or to enhance your gallery wall with added depth and meaning. Perfect for showcasing your Jewish identity and celebrating the deep roots that bind the Jewish community together, this poster also makes a thoughtful Jewish gift. Elevate your space with the Gog and Magog Poster with Hangers, and let it inspire you and others to embrace the richness of Jewish traditions and the timeless strength of Jewish identity.