Daughter of the Commandment - Bat Mitzvah Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Product Features

Bat Mitzvah Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Daughter of the Commandment
• High-grade stainless steel
• 17 oz (500 ml)
• Dimensions: 10.5″ × 2.85″ (27 × 7 cm)
• Vacuum flask
• Double-wall construction
• Bowling pin shape
• Odorless and leak-proof cap
• Insulated for hot and cold liquids (keeps the liquid hot or cold for 6 h)
• Patented ORCA coating for vibrant colors
• Hand-wash only (dishwasher not recommended due to vacuum seal)
• Blank product sourced from China

Disclaimer: Keeping water in the bottle for over 24 hours is unhygienic and can result in an unpleasant smell.

About this Design

Elevate your hydration and carry a symbol of growth and tradition with the "Daughter of the Commandment - Bat Mitzvah Stainless Steel Water Bottle." This high-grade stainless steel water bottle is more than just a container for your drinks; it's a companion on your journey, a testament to the meaningful passage into Jewish adulthood, and a constant reminder of the strength and responsibility that comes with becoming a Bat Mitzvah.
Designed for durability and convenience, this leak-proof bottle ensures that your beverages maintain their ideal temperature, whether you're breaking a sweat at the gym, exploring the great outdoors, or navigating your daily routines. Its robust construction can handle the adventures of the most active lifestyles, making it a reliable accessory for anyone who values fitness, exploration, and the importance of staying hydrated.
Featuring a design that celebrates the Bat Mitzvah ceremony, this water bottle serves as a source of motivation and pride. It's a reminder of the Bat Mitzvah girl's new role within the Jewish community, her connection to centuries-old traditions, and the vibrant future that lies ahead. Whether it's filled with water to quench your thirst or a warm drink to soothe your spirit, this bottle stands as a symbol of perseverance, heritage, and the joyous embrace of new responsibilities.
Perfect for the newly minted Bat Mitzvah or as a gift to inspire and support loved ones on their own paths, the "Daughter of the Commandment - Bat Mitzvah Stainless Steel Water Bottle" is more than just practical; it's a meaningful accessory that blends function with deep cultural significance. Take it with you as a daily reminder of where you've been, the milestones you've achieved, and the endless possibilities that your future holds.
Embrace this next chapter with the "Daughter of the Commandment - Bat Mitzvah Stainless Steel Water Bottle" by your side, and let every sip fuel your journey with strength, hydration, and a deep sense of pride in your heritage and accomplishments.