Bar Mitzvah Blessings - Cork-Back Coaster


Product Features

Cork-Back Coaster - Bar Mitzvah Blessings
• Hardboard MDF 0.12″ (3 mm)
• Cork 0.04″ (1 mm)
• High-gloss coating on top
• Size: 3.74″ × 3.74″ × 0.16″ (95 × 95 × 4 mm)
• Rounded corners
• Water-repellent, heat-resistant, and non-slip
• Easy to clean

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About this Design

Introduce a touch of tradition and protection to your home with the "Bar Mitzvah Blessings - Cork-Back Coaster." Crafted to safeguard your surfaces from stains and moisture, this durable, waterproof, and heat-resistant coaster is more than a mere utility item; it's a symbol of the significant Jewish rite of passage into adulthood. Made to last, it pairs perfectly with your favorite mug, adding a warm, homey feel to any setting while carrying the profound essence of Bar Mitzvah teachings.
Featuring inspirational verses from Proverbs 3:1-4, this coaster serves as a daily reminder of the wisdom and commandments bestowed upon a young individual stepping into the responsibilities of Jewish adulthood. "My son, forget not my teaching; but let your heart keep my commandments. For length of days and years of life will they bestow on you; Let kindness and truth not leave you; Bind them about your neck; Write them on the tablet of your heart; so you will find grace and favor in the eyes of God and man." These words encapsulate the heart of the Bar Mitzvah, making each use of this coaster a reflection on the values of kindness, truth, and faith.
The "Bar Mitzvah Blessings - Cork-Back Coaster" is not only a practical accessory for your home but also a meaningful gift for friends and family, perfect for celebrating this momentous occasion or as a thoughtful housewarming present. Its elegant design and spiritual message make it a unique addition to any coffee table, desk, or dinner setting, inviting grace and favor into your home and the homes of your loved ones.
Celebrate the transition into Jewish adulthood and the lifelong journey of keeping the commandments with a coaster that's as durable as the teachings it represents. Let it be a source of inspiration, a conversation starter, and a daily reminder of the blessings that guide us through life. This cork-back coaster is more than an item of convenience; it's a keepsake of faith, wisdom, and the enduring spirit of the Bar Mitzvah.