With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you may be unsure of the perfect gift to buy. Between the usual flowers and jewelry, it’s hard to come up with gift ideas that you know she’ll love while still being something unique and personal. Have you ever thought of a unique Mother’s T Shirt? Thanking a mother for all they do can be challenging as they’ve already done so much throughout your life. As believers, we are instructed to honor our father and mother, and this can show directly in our actions and love toward them. The bible says in Exodus 20:12: “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you."

In Protestant and Jewish sources, this passage is regarded as the fifth of the Ten Commandments in the Hebrew Bible, and Catholics recognize it as the fourth. Wear BU has worked hard to make a stylish selection of T Shirts with expressions to show how much you value your mother just in time for Mother’s day. These T Shirts are designed specifically for mothers, with a shirt to be a guaranteed hit for every mom. Don’t wait to order, because with Mother’s Day approaching fast we wanted to share a code for free shipping in the US and Canada! Use the code WEARBU4MOMS until May 13th and order your Mother’s Day T Shirt to give as a memorable gift.

All of our Mother’s Day t-shirts are made with her in mind, featuring a soft and light material that is made to hold up to repeated washings. Each Mother’s T Shirt is designed specifically to fit beautifully and showcase the designs for all to see. Most importantly, each shirt will serve as a reminder of how much you love and appreciate her every time she puts it on. We have Faith T Shirts, Inspirational T Shirts, as well as humorous T Shirts that are all mom-related. Each shirt linked below was designed specifically for the special occasion of Mother’s Day to serve as a unique and thoughtful gift. With any of these shirts, she can share loud and proud that she is loved! At Wear BU, we focus on creating unique designs on T Shirts to show the world your truth loud and proud. Read on below to find out about some of our favorites from our Mother’s Day Collection of T Shirts for 2018.

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Honor your Father And Your Mother
Honor your mother and father T Shirt

Our Honor your father and your mother T Shirt has the verse from Exodus printed clearly on the front to show the world that your mother is one who is honored and loved. The verse on this shirt comes with emotion behind it, as the Hebrew word for honor comes from a verb meaning “to be heavy.” We want to share this design with you as a way to show how important you hold being respectful to our parents. This meaningful Faith T Shirt is guaranteed to be a hit with your mother and show her that you proudly believe in these words.

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Happy Mama
Happy Mama T Shirt


This design is guaranteed to make your mother laugh while feeling the love. The saying “Momma’s Happy, Everyone’s Happy” is a comedic take on the importance of a mother in a family unit. Moms give so much of their time, energy and love to those around them and sometimes forget to take care of themselves in the process. Your mom will wear this shirt proudly and show the world that a mother’s happiness is just as important as the happiness of those around her, and how essential she is as a head of your family unit. This shirt will be a hit to lucky mothers everywhere who receive it and get to show the world how important they are to you.

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Love You Mom

Love You Mum T Shirt

This in-style T Shirt features the trendy and beautiful floral wreath print with a message perfect for a Mother’s Day T Shirt gift. “I love you Mom” is so simple, yet so meaningful to be on the receiving end of. No matter how many times you’ve said these words out loud, having it on a T Shirt will remind her of you every time she puts it on. With eighteen colors to choose from, any color will showcase the beautiful details of the floral wreath around the script words, making it a shirt that she’ll be happy and glad to reach for. This shirt is elegantly simple and serves as a tribute to mothers everywhere.

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Mom Life

Mom Life T Shirt

Help your mom wear her role proudly with this “Mom life” T Shirt. Motherhood is full of hysterical moments, emotional moments, and every moment in between. The mom life is not for the weak of heart, and this Mothers t-shirt will show your mom or your wife how much she is capable of doing on a day to day basis. We at Wear BU recognize that motherhood is simultaneously the greatest thing and the hardest thing, and we’ve created this shirt to showcase your most important role! The popular hashtag #MomLife now comes to life in a wearable design for mothers everywhere.

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Strong Women

Strong Women Inspiration T Shirt

At Wear BU, we believe that women have power and that they should show the world how strong they are. This shirt, Strong Women, is an ode to strong mothers everywhere. This shirt serves as a reminder to surround ourselves with strong women and strive to be one ourselves. This Inspirational T Shirt makes a great Mother’s Day gift as it showcases the challenge and blessing of raising strong women, and as daughters you can show your mom how much you appreciate all she has taught you to be.

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