The darkest moment is always before dawn”- Rachel (My great grandmother)

I have lived in this world for 15 years. I have seen, well… basically… nothing… I have learned about the Holocaust, the Civil War, World War One and Two, about great accomplishments and great fails, but I have never lived through these pieces of history.

Yesterday I called my great grandmother, who escaped the holocaust with her older siblings, and heroically made it to her home, Israel. When I asked her about her thoughts on COVID-19, and if she has ever seen something like that. She replied, "Oh dear, sit down, this will take a long time, by the end of this story COVID-19 will be long gone.

Dear, I am 98 years old, of course I’ve seen things similar to this.

Honey, history loves teaching lessons, and just like final exams that you have to show what you have learned, history does have its.

History repeats itself, in the mid-1300s the bubonic plague terrorized the streets of Asia and Europe. Over 100 million people’s lives were taken, and many more homeless, and helpless.

Now my ‘shayna maidel’ (my beautiful girl) after every storm comes a rainbow, and just as The Europeans thought the end is coming, the renaissance came. This was one of the biggest changes in history, from death and destruction came the uplift of faith, the artistic movement grew, sculptures, paintings, a culture was built, and economical boost. ‘

Maidel’ I am not here to teach you history, I am here to show you that this COVID-19 mess will go away. Yes it will leave people discouraged, yes it will leave people with devastating loss but just like the bubonic plague, renaissance will come.

Look at the world now, it seems like the world pushed pause for a bit, they put a pause on wars, political fights, and polluting the earth, look how we are holding hands, 2 meters away of course, look how countries are helping each other and people are praying for each other.

Look at the Renaissance, it’s here, and it has only begun, the pollution in the world is decreasing, your generation is sick of computers, finally!

Honey, have you ever heard about the story of Gog and Magog? The fight of all fights that will end all other fights and spread light across the world? Well I believe it’s a hint. Maybe this COVID-19 is part of the story, the end of this chapter and the beginning of something new and better.

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I believe that we have a bit of Gog and Magog in ourselves, in our stories. When the Gog and Magog story moved around from the old testimony to the new, the meaning of the story changed as well. From being a king ruling a city called Magog, to the fight that ended all fights, and spread light throughout the world, although it’s meaning changed, it still has its original DNA, that will never change.

Our stories change, but our DNA doesn’t, we’re still human beings with a true destination in our hearts, maybe when this coronavirus clears we will look back at things, see how beautiful our world has become. It’s the end of an old chapter and a new chapter for ourselves and the world, it’s called the renaissance.


חנה רכטמן said:

מרגש,מצמרר וחכם. מה הפלא .כשהאמא היא אוריין

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